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Jobst Brandt on the Passo di Gavia, c. 1970s

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Fark…. Alto de l’Angliru peaks at the 1 km to go banner (1557m el) 23.5%

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Passo dello Stelvio - Gerard Brown. 

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I have two recurring cycling related dreams. One of them involves riding over the Arenberg forest in slow motion just like this. I try really hard to look like I’m not suffering but find it difficult to drown out the pain shooting up my arms with each bump of the cobblestone. I know I’ve reached the end of my career despite people telling me I have a couple more seasons left. I raise my arm and pull off to the gutter and let the riders pass. The neutral support guys are checking my wheels for a puncture and I just shake my head no. I dismount and sit on the curb for a while letting the sweat mix with dust. I just sit there in my own gray nirvana without a thought in my head for what seems like forever. I don’t feel anything and I don’t hear anything. When everyone’s gone by, I bend over and kiss the stones. I always wake up peaceful but thirsty from this dream.

In the other dream, I’m a chained blind albino monkey performing a show in the town square by riding a tricycle and pissing at the crowd.

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Vuelta a Espana 2011 | Stage 5

Bottle of Cava only slightly smaller than Rodriguez.

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That crank… Tissue please?

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Pantographed De Rosa brake levers.

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